The Spanish horse Livestock its origins by Samuel López Ortiz

This stud was founded in 1969 by Samuel López Ortiz.

Samuel Ortiz Lopez bought a whole brood mares to Don Jose Maria Munoz and four mares Conde de Campos de Orellana, another batch of foals and mares Fernandez Ordaz and the stud mare Real de Aranjuez.

Of these 30 mares were selected 8 mares. It was a selection by morphology, characteristics of the breed and of course by their movements and functionality, they were all daughters of merit in dressage horses.
The first stallions were castanets livestock Bohorquez Ruiz and Romero Benitez Zalamero VI.

In 1984 born son of Zalamero Gladiator II VI. The high quality of the morphology and dressage horse, has been award as the best moves, champion of champions and registered in the book merits of horse breeding, make it worthy of passing to the list of sires of livestock.

In 1991 born son Notary Unlike VI, line of castanets. After checking his great qualities, which have to be this stud stallion.
Both Gladiator II and VI Notary stallions have been great since most of their offspring have been figures in the musical art of dance on horseback.

His children are scattered through various countries such as Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and throughout Europe. Being acquired countless awards around the world today.

Several horses that are currently in the U.S. have won the award of Champion of Champions (joy, Granite III and Zagala XXXV) participating in exhibitions of Purebred Spanish in this country.

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